The Metaverse & 5G Conference

Honored to lead, Humble to the challenge, Excited to announce…

DecodingTECH.Zone (DTZ), The Metaverse and 5G Conference in Canada 2022

Early this year, Facebook changed its name to Meta to reflect its commitment to the vision of bringing the Metaverse to life. Since then, my profound interest in the Metaverse has led to several exciting conversations with Metaverse ecosystem companies/leaders, from mixed-reality virtual production studios to AI-powered minds, decentralized infrastructure providers, Web 3.0 application providers, decentralized wireless providers, crypto-merge with mobile gaming providers, connectivity providers, and security providers, and more.

Along the journey, I have discovered many exciting experiences, learnings, and perspectives. To enable the potential of a fully connected immersive era that brings together physical, digital, and human worlds to deliver metaverse use cases, the emergence of limitless low latency and high data rate connectivity via 5G networks is critical, ultimately 6G. Here comes the Fusion of Metaverse and 5G! 

The Metaverse and 5G convergence is a major opportunity for all of us—trillions of revenue and millions of jobs. Several exciting new technologies are under development by the companies in the ecosystem that will help us connect, explore, and experience the metaverse world. However, providing new technologies is not good enough to take on the technology-enabled business opportunities and job growth. We all ecosystem players need to come together and tightly cooperate in designing the future of Metaverse and web 3.0 to become a reality.

Join us in designing the future! Let us together zone-in to decode the full power of Metaverse and 5G technology for individuals and businesses to thrive at DTZ.

Stay tuned for more updates on this topic in future posts.

If you are interested in sponsoring, supporting, and contributing to the DTZ initiative, please reach out to us at, and I will be happy to chat.

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