Let us reimagine to find our place today so we are not displaced!

Let us reimagine to find our place today so we are not displaced!

Metaverse will create new lines of career opportunities for individuals and business opportunities for companies. To capitalize and grab the opportunity that is / will be presented by this revolution, we must act today to be ready for the future. 

For many, Metaverse is a significant opportunity for even today!

While we are in the early days of the Metaverse, it is envisioned as a future of the internet with many innovative solutions that solve many use cases. It may start with the immersive digital worlds and eventually converge with the physical and human worlds. The innovative solutions enabled by products, platforms, applications, infrastructure, services, etc., will leverage diverse technologies such as blockchain, digital twin, AI, IoT, AR/VR/MR/XR, cloud computing, edge computing, real-time rendering, video compression, and others. 

A fundamental shift in the demand for mobile network performance is required to make such complex solutions work!

Making the Metaverse enabled use cases a reality requires a 5G and ultimately 6G network with better performance in throughput, reliability, latency, positioning, density, coverage, privacy, and more. Notably, future networks must be built on the foundation of openness (opensource) that is accessible and affordable. Because without it, all the innovative solutions may not meet their expected target business outcomes. 

So what is required to ensure meeting the expected results?

The answer is the industry collaboration between innovative solution providers and network/connectivity providers coming together to solve these challenges. Remember, every use case is unique, challenges are unique, and they require unique solutions. 

We intend to provide a platform that fosters such collaboration at DecodingTECH.Zone (D.T.Z.), The Metaverse and 5G Conference in Canada 2022. We plan to bring together boundary-breaking individuals and companies to skill up and innovation-up to grab the metaverse opportunity out there, so they can hit the ground running.

Call for Action:

The in-person DTZ Conference is an invitation-only for boundary-breaking leaders and companies who want to be future-ready and to take on the Metaverse and 5G technology-enabled job growth and business opportunities. If you are one of them and want to be part of this not-for-profit grassroots movement as a sponsor and speaker, please reach out kader@wavelabs.ai & info@decodingtech.zone 

The D.T.Z. Conference will be held on October 28 2022, and we have confirmed a venue, schedule, and more. As a starting point, take a look at our Sponsorship DeckConference Webpage, and News Letter for options and additional details. 

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