Huma Aslam


Fashion Innovation, Strategy & Development

Huma Aslam was born and raised in Toronto yet has spent her formative years studying, living and working in major cultural and fashion centers globally: Los Angeles, NYC, London, Toronto, Hong Kong, Madrid, Karachi, Delhi & Dhaka. This international exposure to the fashion industry & consumerism allows Huma to understand the global trends that affect the industry and has given her great insight into what it takes to create a successful global brand. Huma has worked in fashion, interior and industrial design. She honed her craft by attending design school in Los Angeles at FIDM. Huma trained and gained experience worldwide in brand strategy, trend forecasting, creative direction, design, merchandising, product development, business development, global sourcing and manufacturing for over 10 years.

Huma was fortunate to apprentice & work in various markets of the fashion industry such as juniors, licensed apparel, young men’s, contemporary women’s and bespoke (custom clothing) design. Her bespoke designs have been worn by many musicians, Hollywood celebrities & athletes in the NFL, NBA & WNBA. Huma has also worked in haute couture with Vivienne Westwood at her Gold Label Design Studio in London. Today, she manages her consulting agency, based in Toronto, that specializes in working with clients on brand strategy, innovation, design & creative direction.

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