Jerry Chien

CEO & Cofounder of Gravvity

Jerry is the CEO and Cofounder of Gravvity - a completely reimagined social app that unlocks the potential of the metaverse while empowering 4.7 billion social media users with a healthier social experience.

For over a decade now, social media apps have exploited users and hoarded profits with a total disregard for our mental health, privacy and safety.

And now they’re moving into the metaverse where they can collect even more data to use against us.

And this is why we created Gravvity, a healthier social app with an integrated metaverse that’s actually designed to empower people, not exploit them.

What makes Gravvity’s metaverse truly unique is that it’s integrated with Gravvity’s social app and is designed to be a realistic lifestyle metaverse, not a cartoon gaming metaverse.

By making the metaverse feel relatable and simple to slide into, Gravvity unlocks the enormous potential of the metaverse for 4.7 billion social media users

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