Farhan Kever

VP of DecodingTECH.Zone

Describing himself as a proud Kenyan and grateful Canadian, Net Consult Inc. President Farhan Kever was raised on a farm, learned patience from sowing seeds to harvesting, learned urgency from processing and delivering dairy on time, learned humble leadership from his father while managing farmworkers.

Farhan began his career in technology 30 years ago, as an engineer with a focus on customers, people, and leadership continue to define the leader he is today – a servant leader. He believes that to serve your customers you need to serve your people, the common denominator for success. This is what drew him to a leadership position at Net Consult Inc. with the unyielding focus on customers, the culture of putting people first, and the ingrained values of giving back. While at the heart of all this is technology as the driver of human progress.

Throughout his career, Farhan’s focus starts and ends with creating the best place to work for employees. He truly believes that in the digital age an empowered, inspired, the inclusive, diverse, and adaptable workforce is fundamental to any company’s success. He also believes that through the power of technology, and volunteering we can build bridges between hope and possibility in the workforce and in the world. Passionate about accessibility within the workplace. In his spare time, he loves Volunteering with multiple NGOs and mentoring programs.

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