Lovjeet Sawhney

CEO of EdKosmos

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Ms. Lovjeet Sawhney is a dynamic and visionary leader with a remarkable career trajectory, marked by her diverse and impactful roles in various sectors. She has served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian operations at Opulence Education Group (OEG), where her journey in education leadership was characterized by an unwavering passion for creating transformative learning experiences. Lovjeet currently holds the dual roles of CEO at the innovative edtech startup, EdKosmos, and President of the Canadian Education Fair.

As the President of the Canadian Education Fair, Lovjeet Sawhney plays a pivotal role in fostering international education opportunities for those aspiring to study in Canada. With a strong foothold in the education industry, the fair aims to be an innovative provider of education marketing services and student recruitment fairs, catering to the global community.

Before her foray into the education sector, Lovjeet honed her strategic consulting skills at prominent organizations. She served at Accenture, where she contributed her expertise to strategic initiatives that shaped the business landscape. Her analytical prowess and strategic thinking were further honed during her tenure with the Piramal Group, where she played a pivotal role in driving organizational excellence.

Lovjeet’s tech-savvy side emerged during her role at Covacsis Technologies, where she was instrumental in pioneering innovative solutions. Her role at Covacsis Technologies added a tech-savvy dimension to her career, reinforcing her commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements.

As the CEO of EdKosmos, Lovjeet is guiding students through the vast universe of educational opportunities. EdKosmos offers comprehensive comparisons of college campuses, program categories, estimated financial aid packages, study modes, and ideal schedules to meet students’ unique needs. They not only discover colleges and programs aligned with their academic and career goals but also identify institutions that match their financial capabilities and requirements. Lovjeet’s leadership at EdKosmos exemplifies her dedication to transforming education into a journey of informed choices and boundless possibilities.

Lovjeet Sawhney welcomes opportunities related to edtech, growth ideas, and collaboration. Feel free to connect with her to explore the future of education and unlock new horizons in the world of learning. Her illustrious career spanning education, strategic consulting, and technology is a testament to her commitment to excellence and innovation in every endeavor she undertakes.

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