Nav Gupta


Building the "Wordpress" of Metaverse Galaxy Creation

Real Metaverse

High Quality Audio and Visuals, Real World Experiences. Mixing the real with the digital!

Real metaverses are about users connecting together in real life situations but in an environment that is more immersive than what’s out there. Experience in Virtual Reality or in the browser like a video game but in a real world setting like a concert or a sports event. It’s the next evolution of the internet and a level above a website. Our metaverses focus on unforgettable experiences, every time.

We use the top tier development tools to bring high quality visuals mixed with amazing experiences that focus on interactions in a virtual world. Our systems are focused on bridging reality to the digital world.

Imagine your digital twin working in a virtual office or studying in university with your professor in 360 degrees of freedom in (virtual) reality but not having to drive to a physical location. Imagine witnessing a concert with your friends where your favorite musician is playing even if they are no longer alive! These are some of the many experiences that we bring to you and your customers.

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