Osher Ari Frank


Osher Ari Frank is an Architect, (B,A Architecture from the school of Architecture at Ariel university Israel)

Osher has been working in the industry  of Architecture and design since 2015. In 2021 he founded the Architectural studio. Metaverse Architects, The studio is dedicated completely to metaverse design and development. His team of professionals include 3D artists, Architects, UX designers and more talented people from various fields.

The team has been working in the space of the Metaverse, on various platforms from Decentraland, Sandbox, cryptovoxels, portals, Roblox, and more. During 2021 we have developed a Hub for the blockchain startup  3iQ, created a NFT series for Mavennet, Designed deployed an ongoing project for Sail Gp Canada that includes a Mega Yach, an a 128 heigh tower with a web 3 office space, We have been also working and developing a disruptive tech hub on the metaverse, an an artists hall on the sandbox called the Opera House.

Our mission is to help more people step up from the age of information to the decentralized sensing data revloution. Our Agenda is Boundless and disruptive design on the Metaverse.

Integrating technologies from Avatars, Bots, live streaming data, and making a better UI UX on the Meta platforms.

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