Rohan Pinto


A “cryptography geek,” Rohan has been the go-to security and identity management maven for three decades. He has founded several businesses that take advantage of advancements in blockchain and identity management — and are responsible for many in their own right — and continue to show the world the incredible potential of well-implemented cryptographic systems.

As a senior Identity and Access Management Architect Rohan Pinto specialized in architecting, implementing and deploying large-scale Identity Management, Authentication and Authorization (RBAC,ABAC, RiskBAC,TrustBAC) infrastructures with specific emphasis in Security. Rohan was lead architect on a team that developed security infrastructure for the Government of Ontario and the Health Information Access Layer (HIAL) for the Province of British Columbia, and is involved in establishing the United States Department of Defense’s Security Access Layer using Common Access Cards (CAC). Always willing to share his vast knowledge and experience, Rohan mentors emerging business and tech talents through organizations such as Techstars and Founder Institute. He is also an active member of several business, tech, and identity management associations, including the Forbes Technology Council, the Decentralized Identity Foundation, and the FIDO (Fast Identity Online) Alliance.

Rohan Pinto is a strong technologist with both the strategic vision and tactical intelligence to lead technology-based growth initiatives grounded solidly on business value.

Extensive experience and knowledge in all phases of project life cycle management using agile process methodologies with an emphasis on practical application to improve security and compliance.

Strong technical leadership in large project environments.

Deep expertise in large-scale distributed system architectures that utilize Open Standards, Web Services, Java, and Open Source Technologies.

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