Sam Drissi


In association with Artizyou, my mission for BOND 500 USA is to integrate Artizyou technology into Bond 500 collectible tokens for superstars like Marilyn Monroe and others # Define and lead the go-to-market strategy #Responsible for Web3 integrating solutions, managing cross-functional global engagement team, #Mange IT team # I coordinate launch strategy with big Media such as Netflix Engagement: In addition to self-assessment, I maintain ongoing customer and partner engagement and regular updates on customer solutions.

I’ve always had a soft spot for creators of all stripes. I believe that they are our social backbone, the initiators, the ones that push our world to a better place.

Eight years ago, I had an idea to help protect the intellectual property of these creators. I realized that the current copyright system wasn’t keeping up with the development of the Internet. What’s more, it makes it easy for copyright infringers to appropriate and monetize someone else’s creations.

To address this, I co-founded Artizyou, a platform designed to help creators of all types safeguard their creations. We provide Blockchain certification including a time-stamped proof of ownership, securing intellectual property assets in any digital format. Soon after, we began the design of a specialized plagiarism detector that utilizes artificial intelligence. This AI constantly searches the internet to locate unauthorized use of a creator’s IP and bring it to the attention of the IP’s owner. At that point, legal action can be initiated by the owner of the IP using our cease and desist form letter. We also put in place a community of IP experts ready to help for more complex cases should the need arise.

Creators of all types started discovering the Artizyou platform. Today, thousands of creators rely on Artizyou to protect their IP. This includes digital designers, coaches, consultants, artists, poets, computer programmers, photographers, musicians, writers, etc.

Many of these creators have expressed a desire to monetize some or all of their IP.
We are now taking this to the next level by implementing Artizcoin, a cryptocurrency backed by authenticated IP. Artizcoin will be available to purchase IP in the soon-to-exist “Artizstore.” A new market is emerging. To find out more go to

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